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Paul Ivnitskiy

Commercial Investment Advisor

Affiliate Broker

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TN Real Estate License #364840

Paul Ivnitskiy

Paul is a transplant from Boston, MA, and joined the GPR team as of January 2022. He attended Emerson College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in marketing. He then consulted with local small businesses, helping them increase their revenues, reduce cost, and optimize operating efficiency by integrating software solutions and marketing tactics.

As happens with many entrepreneurs, Paul became interested in real estate and he spent several years helping others flip properties to better understand the process, eventually and successfully buying and flipping his own.

Paul’s experience with real estate and small & midsize business consulting eventually converged with a new venture. In May of 2019, Paul cofounded Tulogy. This is an online and mobile application that connects homeowners with home service professionals through a mutual rating and bidding system. In tandem with Tulogy, Paul started a property management company to help prove market viability for the application. Paul submitted the first out-of-region project through the platform while he was vacationing in Alabama. The project was completed in Providence, RI without ever stepping foot on the site.

While Paul maintains his interests in those ventures, Paul has decided to put his knowledge and hands-on experiences to greater use to provide bespoke solutions to the commercial clientele at Goldman Partners Realty.