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Sell Self-Storage Properties


When is a good time to sell my self-storage facility? 

Right now is a great time to sell. The market is full of buyers.

How do I know there are buyers out there, particularly interested in self-storage?

Due to growing demand for self-storage (projected to continue) there is growing interest in the market. As you know, self-storage is a great fit for most anyone; due to its low overhead and little maintenance costs. Plus, dealing with tenants is much easier in self-storage vs. other tenant/customer businesses.  This puts you at an advantage amongst other business for sale.

Will common problems with self-storage dissuade buyers?

There are two big problems self-storage owners face, location and honest staff.  These problems are present in every business which doesn’t put you at any disadvantage. The remedy for this industry is the same in every other; be in an area of high visibility and demand. Finding a reputable real estate agent, who is an expert in self-storage, will help you find the right buyer(s) for your facility(s). When hiring staff, it is important to run complete background checks, ensuring you hire the best people. Since these are common problems, there is no disadvantage to take into account.

While reading this article, are you interested in selling your self-storage facility? Are you attracted to a new investment venture? If so, Danny Heidle is our expert; he has been involved in the self-storage industry for ten years; personally operating a self-storage facility. Danny has experience from site research, acquisition, planning, construction, operation and beyond. Contact him with any questions you have or to better understand investment opportunities.


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