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Sell Multifamily Properties

People sell multifamily investment properties for a variety of reasons. For example, you might want to reinvest in another property, may be experiencing a life change or even thinking of selling because of neighborhood decline. But how do you, as an owner, know when it’s time to sell?

Goldman Partners Realty specializes in helping investors in apartments, duplexes and other multifamily properties understand the sales cycle, and we’ve guided hundreds of investors through the sales process. Our specialists have closed more multifamily deals in Knoxville than anyone else.

Our goal is to help you close your transaction as quickly and profitably as possible.

What information do i need before i list my property?

When gathering info for a future sale of your investment property it is a good idea to compile a list of income & expenses as well as property taxes or other sources of income (pet rent, etc.)

How can i sell my multi-family property?

Talk to one of our specialists about how we can best serve your investment property goals.

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