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Tony Lee

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Tony Lee

I have a very unique personal and professional history and I thrive on growing and cultivating relationships with others.   Whether I’m focused on personal or business relationships: my goal is to learn and bring substance to my conversations, to positively impact all humans from all backgrounds, and to absorb new experiences daily.

My younger years were spent in Atlanta, GA., Houston, TX., and Oak Ridge, TN.  I graduated with a Business degree from The University of Tennessee in 1999, and earned a commission (and my 2nd Lieutenant bars) into the United States Air Force (USAF).   During over 8 years in service, I developed leadership skills and a global perspective leading people of all races, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds in a variety of military logistics functions.  60% of my military experience was spent internationally in Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  I also spent 1-year career broadening as an Assistant Professor of Aerospace studies at The Ohio State University.

One memory which steers my ship even today happened while stationed in Phoenix, Arizona in 2001.  Master Sergeant (MSgt) Sara Joyce asked me “what are you doing with all of that big officer money Lieutenant?” and I had no impressive answer for her.  That was a momentous occasion for me when I started paying attention to how my money could actually grow while I sleep.  Feeling both appreciative, and embarrassed being behind the power curve, I opened a ROTH IRA account that very day.  I also decided that when the time was right: I would make it a priority to expedite when this beneficial life guidance enters the minds of impressionable, young students.  The very same applies to investing in a home, an investment property, or a business.

I caught the real estate bug during my last assignment in Columbus, Ohio (in 2006) and within a year I bought, owned, and managed 4 properties.  Today, I make passive income on investment properties I own and rent out to college students, young professionals, and families.  I also own, manage, and market an AirBnB which gives me a short-term rental perspective providing guests with an experience exceeding what a hotel can offer their guests.  I have been to the closing table 9 times for my own properties I have personally bought or sold which gives me an ability to connect with first time and seasoned buyers/sellers.

My life resume over a few decades (combined with the injection of wisdom from professionals like MSgt Joyce 18 years ago) has developed into a home ownership, property management, business, and investment inspired serum that I share with young people and families every opportunity I get.  I feel very fortunate to have friendships and working relationships with a huge community of professionals over the years which keeps me motivated to influence much larger audiences in the future.  I look forward to showing young people and families an alternative to paying off other people’s mortgages, and helping others gain their own financial independence through ownership of residential, commercial, and investment properties.  I look forward to helping people capitalizing on opportunities much earlier in life, and I look forward to meeting you and your families.

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