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Selecting a Broker

By: Steve Goldman, CCIM

Selecting a Broker
We’ve all done it, chosen a wine because we like the label or a bank because they have a branch near our house. But choosing a real estate broker is different. You want to know that they have experience, consistency and a thorough understanding of the industry, in other words, the ability to lead you successfully to your transaction’s close.

The specialists at Goldman Partners Realty have all of that. In addition, our team:

  • Is small and focused on the investor — you won’t get lost in the shuffle
  • Specializes in properties in East Tennessee, the area we call home
  • Sells more multifamily properties than any other agency in our area
  • Has more than 65 years of combined commercial real estate experience

We stay in close contact with you during each project phase, keeping you apprised of the progress. You’re our partner in the process. Our goal is to not just be your broker, but to help you make the best decision for your commercial investment property.

Here are the steps we take for you during the transaction process:
  1. Provide you with a broker opinion of the price you should ask and expect
  2. Counsel you on the market rates so you understand how we arrived at that price
  3. Prepare the property for sale
  4. Prepare the facts on your behalf, such as an environmental assessment, survey, etc.
  5. Prepare marketing plans and an offering memorandum
  6. Vigorously market the property through multiple channels
  7. Show the property to perspective buyers
  8. Receive offers on your behalf
  9. Offer you an evaluation of the offers and the buyer’s ability to close
  10. Negotiate the contract, working closely with you to ensure you’re satisfied
  11. Oversee due diligence and facilitate repairs
  12. Notify you of the buyer’s loan approval
  13. Supervise closing and turnover

If you’re interested in learning more, send us a note or give us a call. We want to help you make the right decision.

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