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5 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Real Estate Now

Photo courtesy of 401kcalculator.org Ask the Magic 8 Ball, “Is now the time to get into commercial real estate investing?” and it would probably say, “Signs point [...]

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swimming pool with submerged sunbathing deck
The Hottest Trends in High-End Apartment Amenities

The saltwater pool at Bridgeway Apartments in Maryville, Tenn. The National Apartment Association's Industry Insider recently examined what's hot in high-end apartment [...]

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roofline of colorful townhouses
It’s all about market timing…

By John Dempster, Broker The apartment market has not been this hot for sellers in many years. You might be pleasantly surprised how much your investment in multifamily [...]

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greystone summit entry sign knoxville, tenn.
Knoxville Apartment Market and Forecast

The Knoxville apartment occupancy rate showed a drop of almost two points in the most recent data published by the Apartment Association of Greater Knoxville from the same [...]

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